Hi! We're Jay and Larissa. We love tacos, traveling the world, playing with our rambunctious little boys, and taking epic photos. Take some time to get to know us, and then send us a note so we can get to know you.


Hi! We’re Larissa and Jay—partners, parents, adventurers, and Chicago wedding photographers. We both grew up in Tampa but we now live in Chicago—our favorite city in the world! We met in 9th grade, but it took another 14 years before Jay would win Larissa over with his rugged good looks and charm. We created two crazy humans together and we love being parents more than anything. As often as we can, we also love to travel the world. Being photographers has taught us to see the world differently and we’re so appreciative to everyone who trusts us to capture the most important moments of their lives.

I'm Jay

I'm an extroverted introvert who loves to travel, play ice hockey, drink coffee, and snuggle on the couch with Larissa. I once did The Tilt at the John Hancock Center without flinching. I've been taking photos since I was a little boy when my grandma used to give me all her old film cameras and took me to the Kodak store to develop the photos. I was also once a professor and did a grad degree at Yale before deciding that I really wanted to be a photographer, so I followed my heart and started Henington Photography. I'm in love with Larissa, the girl of my dreams, and I love being a dad more than anything.

I'm Larissa

I'm a rebel at heart with a love of travel and adventure. I've skydived, worked on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean, and lived in in 4 different countries. I love Trader Joes, kale salads, gardening, and snuggling with Jay on the couch watching Netflix. More than anything though, I love being mom to my little boys. And 14 years after I met Jay in high school, I realized that he was my person.


For us, photography is about capturing the most important moments in life and turning them into art. We aren’t just wedding photographers, we’re creative photojournalists who’ll record the moments of your day that you’ll want to show your grandkids. We’ll capture your memories and turn them into art so that in thirty years you’ll be able to experience what you felt when your photos were taken.

Our approach for most of the day is documentary. That means besides your portraits we won’t be interfering with you on your day. Instead, we’ll anticipate the important moments before they happen and work tirelessly to capture all the little things that matter. Don’t worry though, during family and couples portraits we’ll take charge and put you at ease. There’s nothing you’ll need to do besides trust us.


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