Chicago Family Photographer


Let's go on a family adventure!

Let’s play in a field of flowers, discover the best climbing tree, run in the sunshine, go for a bike ride, play at the beach, or get super muddy, all while taking beautiful photos and making¬†incredible memories.

All sessions include:

Larissa as your photographer

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Chicago Family Photographer


What's your approach?

I love photographing families because we know how special these photos are now and for years to come. During your session, I will take a few more traditional posed photos of you looking at the camera, but then I want to encourage you all to play and have fun. Overall I have a very laid-back approach and my goal is to capture the unique and beautiful people and family that you all are.

Where do you do your family sessions?

We shoot all of our family sessions at Horner Park or Montrose Harbor in Chicago. I limit the locations so I can ensure my work is consistent with what you expect and focus all my attention on you instead of trying to learn a new area.

What should we wear for our session?

The most important thing is that everyone is happy and I find that when everyone is wearing their favorite outfit they feel their best (both parents and kids). For example, when we do our own family photos I let my kids wear their favorite shirts/outfits, even if it doesn't "perfectly" match. I do this because more than anything I want them to be happy and make photos a positive experience which in turn will give me lots of happy faces in my photos - win/win. Also, down the road, it's also extra sweet to see their favorite little shirts and how they expressed themselves at that age.

How should we prepare for our session?

A great family portrait session is one where everyone had fun. So to prepare your kids and spouse for the shoot, talk about what would make the time fun for each of you. What games would the kids like to play during the shoot? A game of tag is a great way to get real photos of you all having fun. Also, set realistic expectations. Someone probably will have a meltdown. So don't worry! That's real life and we want to capture those pictures also. A way to help set your family up for success is to make sure everyone is well-fed before the session and bring lots of food and snacks. Everyone is grumpy when they're hungry. Finally, nothing dampens a kid's mood more than threats of punishment. Make it fun, keep it light and be as positive as you can. Bring some favorite treats or toys and use them as needed. Save the sugar stuff until the end though. ;)

How do we book?

Hit the "Contact Us" button below or just shoot us a message and let us know that you're ready to book. We will send you a link to our calendar so you can find an open date that works for you. Then a signed contract and full payment are due to reserve your date.

What about the weather?

I want you to have the absolute best photos and experience, so I will keep an eye on the weather and let you know if we need to reschedule and find another day that works for everyone

Do I need to bring anything?

Bring a blanket, water & snacks for the kids. Also, consider a change of clothes for the kids just in case. And don't forget a special toy or something that they love to play with like a soccer ball or bubbles. Lastly, during your session, try to keep your pockets completely clear as items will show up in photos - I'm happy to carry small things like keys in my bag if needed.