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"We love dirty feet, messy hair, and whatever happens."


We love dirty feet, messy hair, and whatever happens during your shoot. We capture your family like we capture ours, tears, laughs, chaos, and all. Sometimes within seconds of each other! Taking “perfect” photos of kids and parents is normally impossible, trust us. The beauty in photographing your family is in capturing the raw, real, and amazing energy of your unique family. So don’t worry about making them smile, or making sure their collar is perfect. That’s not real life. We’ll work on the smiles and the collars – all you have to do is come ready to have a blast! If you want a photography experience that is fun, laid back, and real, we’d love to collaborate with your family to make some memories and capture some incredible photos.

Chicago Family Photography

Family Videography

Highlight Videos of your Family



Chicago Family Photographers

Adventure Session

- One Photographer
- Up to 4 hour Session
- Photojournalistic approach to your family going on an epic adventure
- Full Print and Share Rights


Family Photos

- One Photographer
- Up to 1 hour Session
- Full Print and Share Rights

Chicago Family Photographer

Family Video

- One Videographer
- Up to 1 Hour Session
- 2-3 minute Family Video
- Full Share Rights
- Music License

Chicago Family Photographer


What should we wear for our session?

We're big fans of bright solid colors. Reds, yellows, and purples fit really nicely with our style. But most importantly, you should wear something that you're comfortable in and that you love wearing. Give the kids a say in what they're going to wear too! That'll make them feel empowered and excited about the process.

How should we prepare for our session?

A great family portrait session is one where everyone had fun. So to prepare your kids and spouse for the shoot, talk about what would make the time fun for each of you. What games would the kids like to play during the shoot? A game of tag is a great way to get real photos of you all having fun. Also, set realistic expectations. If you have toddlers (or teenagers), they're probably going to break down at some point in the shoot. Don't be stressed! That's real life and we want to get those pictures too. Also, make sure everyone is well fed and bring lots of food and snacks. Everyone is grumpy when they're hungry (especially Jay). Finally, don't threaten to punish kids if they don't perform perfectly at the shoot. Nothing dampens a kid's mood more than threats of punishment. Use positive reinforcement instead. Bring some favorite treats or toys and use them as needed.

When do you offer Mini-Session?

We normally offer mini-sessions about 3-4 times a year. Contact us for more information about when we'll be offering our next session.

How do we book you for our family session?

Just shoot us a message and let us know you're ready to book. Full payment is due at the time of booking.