Hello all. We hope you are staying safe and finding a way to navigate this drastic change in how we thought 2020 would go. Like many of you, we thought this would be one of our best and most busy years yet, but obviously the opposite has happened, kinda. After the initial shock, fear, and extreme anxiety subsided slightly we are finding that it has been a really wonderful thing to have all this extra time. Personally, I, (Larissa) like to stay busy and had/have a lot to learn about not forcing the same on Jay. He wasn’t a fan of me finding random projects for him to accomplish. Anyway, I am learning and have really tried to expand my capacity for being still and enjoying the little things. 🙂

In the process of learning to be still, we are noticing that our creativity is changing and growing a little. We find that we are seeing a little differently and wanting to create more. We are even venturing into something that has sort of been a surprise. Larissa is now doing wedding videos and it was sparked by the Toilet Paper Parody video she did with the boys at the beginning of all this.

All in all, 2020 really stinks, but all is not lost. We choose to stay safe and focus on what we can control… being kind, wearing a mask, and of course, making awesome memories with the fam.

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