Chicago Suburb Wedding // Pia & Kevin

We'd been lucky enough to know Pia and Kevin for several years now. We met them through photographing a few of their friends/family weddings and so naturally were very excited when we got a chance to document their special day. When we arrived we really felt like friends with cameras, they had special snacks for us and everything. So sweet! Celebrating with them also felt like a fun reunion, I think we spent the first 10 minutes of the day just saying hi and hugging everyone.

Pia and Kevin had their beautiful Chicago suburb wedding at the Harry Caray's inside the Westen O'Hare and Tionna from Wedicity was there rinning a tight ship as usual. Our favorite part of the day by far was the dancefloor. This group really lets loose and loves to dance - it's so fun to photograph. We love it when the bride and groom are out there enjoying the moment.

Thank you SO much to Pia and Kevin for trusting us and being so awesome and wonderful friends!

Enjoy a few of our favorite moments from the day.

Chicago Suburb Wedding

If you're interested in seeing one of their friend's weddings I mentioned above, check this one out.

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