As Chicago wedding photographers, people often ask us, what does it take to have an awesome wedding? Is it the people, the place or maybe the things? For us, the answer is always the people. The couples and their energy absolutely make (or break) a wedding day. So plan your best day ever and have an amazing time no matter what - be open, be spontaneous, dance your heart out and it will be a truly wonderful wedding. It's as simple as that.

Genna and Tim are awesome examples of planning their best day ever and enjoying it to the max. These two were definitely in it to have an amazing day and it was exactly that. They also had an extra reason to celebrate, they had to reschedule their wedding due to covid. Anytime this happens, the day is bound to be double meaningful.

Both the ceremony and reception were at the beautiful Westin North Shore Chicago. Having everything in one place is always a great idea and makes it a much more relaxed day with lots of time for photos. Some highlights of the day were when Genna and her father did a great choreographed dance AND then he went on stage a little later and performed a song on stage with his friends, complete with a guitar solo. 

A big thank you to Katie Goggin from Designer Events Chicago for crafting one of the best timelines ever. Thank you also to The Westin North Shore for literally rolling out the red carpet for everyone and making sure every detail was taken care of.

Enjoy some of our favorite photos of the day.

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