Do You Travel for weddings?

What's your style?

Yes! We're happy to travel anywhere in the world for your wedding. We just require flight, car, and hotel for 3 nights (more for longer weddings).

We're creative documentary photographers. That means that for most of your day we don't interfere in moments we're photographing. Rather, we anticipate moments before they happen and capture them so you can actually be present in the moment. We also use creative lighting, angles, and techniques to create unique images that transcend typical wedding photography. That said, we'll also direct you through some epic couples portraits and take all the traditional family photos and portraits that moms and grandmas expect.

How long does it take to deliver our photos?

How many photos do you deliver?

Every wedding is different, so the number of images we deliver depends on a number of factors, how long we're driving in the party bus (the less driving, the more photos we can take), how long we have for portraits, how long the day is etc. But in general, we deliver between 500-800 images per wedding. But we don't hold anything back. We'll deliver every image that meets our standards for your gallery. We also believe, however, that your memories will be influenced by the photos you receive. So we filter out the sneezes (unless they're awesome), blinks, blurs, and failed experiments. In the end, your story will be told in it's entirety.

After your wedding, we meticulously curate and edit all of your photos so that they're exactly how we want them before we deliver them. That process takes time. But as they say: good things come to those who are patient. So, we deliver your full gallery roughly three months after your wedding day. That said, we'll gladly send you some sneak peeks within a couple weeks of your wedding.

What Is your favorite thing about being a wedding photographer?

Can we have all the raws?

We don't deliver the unedited raw images for the same reason your cake baker doesn't deliver the flour, eggs, and scraps they used to make the cake. They aren't finished yet. On your wedding day, we'll take roughly 10,000 photos. Most of those photos are not worthy of being in your gallery. Seriously. It takes 9,200 shit photos (blurry shots, blinking moms, failed experiments) to create 800 awesome images. So trust us to curate and tell the full story of your day. We won't leave anything out.

We love that we can capture once in a lifetime memories that our couples will cherish forever. That's why we take a documentary approach to most of your day. Because we'd rather photograph the real stuff that will make you laugh or bring you to tears 20 years from now than try to create fake moments.

How many hours do we need?

Do you take all the traditional photos too?

We've shot roughly 150 weddings and what we've discovered is that some of the most magical moments of the day happened just before we arrived or just after we left when we offered a shorter hourly package. That's why we now recommend that most of our couples choose our 10-hour package. We've found that for most couples 10 hours is the right balance. But ultimately that's up to you and your schedule. If you have a planner, they can help you decide what amount of time is right for you.

Absolutely! While our approach on your day is mostly documentary, we'll make sure to take all the traditional family photos, bridal party photos, and photos of the two of you that grandma will want for her mantle.

How do we book you?

What does your coverage include?

In order to reserve your date, we just need a signed contract and 50% deposit. Then the day is yours.

We accept bookings on a first come first serve basis. So once you make a decision, shoot us an e-mail and we can make it official.

We want to ensure that your full day is captured. So our packages include coverage of you getting ready, couples portraits, family formals, ceremony photos, dance photos and literally every other part of your wedding day. We want to be there for the tears, the laughs, the venue catching on fire (yes this happened once). Everything.

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