To us, there's nothing more romantic than exchanging vows and kissing in the rain - that's the stuff movies are made of! Allison and Wendy were fortunate enough to get beautiful rain on their wedding day at Glacier Hills County Park and they fully embraced the magic.

They had their first look when it was just starting to lightly rain outside. They met in the forest, each walking from one side of the path to meet in the middle. It started raining harder after that but these two were determined to get married outside and enjoy their day regardless. They both walked down the aisle with umbrellas, exchanged vows and rings, and had their first dance in the rain. The water running off their noses and dresses made for easily our favorite first dances of all time.

After the ceremony the four of us went for a walk in the woods, taking photos along the way. Then it was time for pizza by the amazing Ian's Pizza. They even made Jay and me a special dairy-free pizza that tasted just like the real thing.

At the end of the night, Wendy asked for one more photo down the road. When we got there it was perfect. There was mist from the rain and so, of course, Jay and I had some fun with backlight flash.

Thank you so much to Allison and Wendy for being amazing, making us feel so welcome, and for focusing on what truly matters at your wedding - love and have a great time with your favorite person no matter what.

Enjoy some favorites from the day.

Venue: Glacier Hills County Park

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