There is so much to say about Kris and Tyrone's wedding at Herrington Inn. First of all, these two are the most kind people you will ever meet AND so fun and funny. Their story started when they met at work, but we especially love the part where, before they were even dating, Tyrone kept moving his work station closer and closer to intentionally Kris' so he could just be near her. We totally get why he did that, she's an amazing person who's energy is just great to be around. She also went full Beyonce on the dance floor and spent a good part of the evening a dancing her heart out to tunes by Kate from Toast and Jam.

Some things we especial loved about the day were that Kris and Tyrone each got ready at a different local Air BnB which is the way to go for sure. If asked, we always recommend that our couples get ready at a place other than a hotel room. We also loved that they made the day their own and did things they wanted to and didn't feel like they needed to follow any traditions just because. I know we couldn't pick a favorite moment - we were dancing, laughing, and also crying with them - a truly wonderful day from start to finish!

Thank you to all the people who made this day awesome and especially thank you to Kris and Tyrone for trusting us. Check out a few of our favorite photos form the day.

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