Rachael and Patrick decided on Loyola University for their Adventure Session because Rachael is an alum and they met through mutual friends while both in Chicago. We loved photographing there and feel like we don't photograph there often enough - it's awesome! The campus is beautiful and right on the water so has great light, and of course lots of architecture. And, as you know, we pretty much love anything with either of those two elements.

We walked around, chatted, laughed and looked for great light. That's pretty much how it goes with us, we like to be more spontaneous and find little spots depending on how the light hits or what catches our eye. As the Director John Badham once said, "the fixed idea is the death of a creative person" and that's so true. Not that we are the most creative people ever, but we try to flex that muscle and we have definitely learned what types of situations help us tap into that part of our brain. Couples that allow us to be creative are the ones who give us freedom to try weird or unexpected things during out time together. This is so helpful that we even made a blog about it, check it out here.

We had so much fun getting to know these two a little better and are very excited for their wedding this coming December at Marriott Lincolnshire. Check out a few of our favorite photos below.

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