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As documentary wedding photographers, we approach each wedding as a completely unique event. Because no wedding we've ever photographed has been the same. That's actually what makes weddings interesting. Your wedding will be like no other wedding ever. Which is why we'll photograph your wedding with an open mind. We'll anticipate moments before they happen rather than faking something to try to make it look perfect. Because perfection is boring. And we want you to remember the chaos, the laughter, the tears, the real memories you created with your friends.

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For most of your wedding day, we act as photojournalists. We'll refrain from interfering in your day. But we'll pour everything we have into capturing the moments that matter. We won't ask you to fake a beautiful moment between you and your best friend, but we'll be there to capture it. And we'll laugh with you, dance with you, and have a drink with you. Because ultimately what matters to us is that you have the experience of your lives. And we'll capture it all.

When it comes to family and couples portraits, we'll take the lead and guide you through the entire process. We'll take epic portraits of the two of you as a couple and we'll photograph your family like they're our own. But most importantly we'll capture the moments in between—the little looks, the touches, the tears, the stuff that'll transport you back to that day 20 years from now.

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